Our People

Tony Bentley

Service Manager

Tony has been our Service Writer and Supervisor since March of 2013. He has been in the Automotive Repair industry for more than 15 years in different capacities throughout his tenure. He has developed a wide knowledge base in the auto repair and tire sales industries. Since joining us here at Courtesy his years of experience in auto repair has been the key in supervising our technicians, making sure that the lines of communications are open between the techs performing repairs and our customers. He wears many hats here and can often be found at the sales counter where his customer service skills shine!

Customers that meet Tony tell us how personable he is. He's truly at your service!

Chris Quimby

Assistant Service Manager

Chris, our Assistant Service Manager, comes to Courtesy from another local auto repair shop. His experience in the auto repair industry varies from being an auto technician to managing retail sales and finally as a Service Manager. Since Chris joined us, he has been instrumental in helping us identify areas where we can maximize our shop processes to better serve our customers. His experience has allowed him to quickly adapt to our environment and we get lots of positive customer feedback. He is very personable and our technicians appreciate his willingness to help when they need him. He has a great sense of humor which adds a to the productive work environment which we support.

Bryan Rodgers

ASE Certified Master Technician

Bryan is one of several ASE Certified Master Technicians we have on staff. Along with his ASE Certifications Bryan also holds several certificates of competence for Volkswagon and Audi which he obtained while he worked at a dealer service center in New Mexico. Bryan has a passion for problem solving and is our top diagnostic technician. He is very technically oriented with a deep understanding of drivability issues.

Here at Courtesy, we value the knowledge and experience Bryan brings to us, along with the confidence in which he performs his diagnosis and repairs!

Travis Baadsgaard

Automotive Apprentice

Travis is our Automotive Technician in training. He has been with us here at Courtesy since January of 2013, when he was hired as a General Service Technician. Since then, he has demonstrated his potential and when he said he wanted more responsibilities, we jumped at the chance to help him get the automotive repair experience. Travis is smart! He is proving how technically and mechanically inclined he is on a daily basis. Prior work experience repairing and assembling tractors, construction and logging equipment is a great asset as well as his Military Training in the Army Reserves.

We are very proud of his advancements and encourage him to keep building his knowledge base and further his career as an automotive technician!

Connor Dedrich

General Service Technician

Connor is our all round task master and a real gem. He's been with Courtesy since 2012 and is one of the most well liked persons on our staff. He is well educated, and is continuing with his higher education, which lends itself to the fact of just how much he has learned and how far he has come in his position. As a General Service Tech. he performs oil changes, tire rotations, and vehicle safety inspections just to name a few. Connor helps with most of the shop maintenance, grounds maintenance as well as keeping the retail sale floor looking good. Connor's future is bright here at Courtesy; he is so personable that we would like to develop him into more of a customer service role in the future as a manager trainee. We are lucky to have this "diamond in the rough!"

John Anderson

ASE Certified Master Technician

Proud to welcome John to our staff in February 2015. What a worker bee! He is as efficient as they come and very technically skilled. We at Courtesy Auto Service and Tire are very lucky to have him on board! He happily comes to work looking forward to conquering the challenge of the day. His is a wizard when it comes to diagnostics. He has over 20 years of experience as Auto Tech, 10 of those as an ASE Certified Master Tech. When communicating with customers he can be as technical or general as he needs to be. He is very reliable. He fit right in on day one with us as he is very easy going and friendly. Fun fact about John: he has a fun hobby of collecting and solving may different kinds of Rubik cubes.

Jeff Jorgensen

Auto Technician

Jeff joined us in October 2015 and we use all of his capabilities to the max! Jeff likes to dive right in and is “heads down” focusing on the task at hand. Although he is very knowledgeable, he is like a sponge learning more every single day. He really loves what he does and that is part of what drives him to continue to learn and grow. His communication skills are impressive; he is a good listener which is paramount in diagnosing problematic symptoms on the vehicles he is servicing. Jeff is a great fit with the other technicians and is well thought of amongst his coworkers.